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Hay fever gives me gyp every summer. This year, I decided to follow advice and search for local bee’s pollen. Beekeepers told me they were wary of depriving the bees of what they need. The next best option was to find locally sourced honey.

In a health food shop round the corner, I learnt about mixed pollen homeopathic remedies. With a little more effort, I was able to get pills of that sort and a jar of honey that was sourced from the Holloway Road area. They seemed to be effective, used in combination.

Then the pollen count rose. Yesterday was spent in agony yet again. I considered buying an ‘off the counter’ nasal spray. On another front, I decided to perform a song I composed years ago for Threshold  – a musical play, in a presentation for the launch event of Utopia Theatre’s Creative Hub Online ; The song is called Oloyinmomo which translates from Yoruba to English as ‘Purveyor of the sweetest honey’.

The launch event was impressive and the song was well received. Later on, reading through emails, one arrived from my neighbourhood’s social media platform. Someone put out a request on the site for places to purchase locally sourced honey. A beekeeper based 5 minutes away from my home said honey was available. I made an appointment and swiftly bought a jar.

Was there a connection between my performance of Oloyinmomo online, and the sudden availability of honey sourced from somewhere so close?  I would like to think so.