A bigger flash

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I received a video clip recently of a Nigerian politician well known for his use of clowning skills. This fellow also has a reputation for his love of a luxurious lifestyle – he apparently owns a fleet of flash cars along with a wardrobe of clothes and accessories made by the most expensive designer labels.

It is likely that this chap is using video clips to create a personal myth as a larger than life character. One cannot help noticing his gut hanging over his trousers, since he chooses to wear figure hugging clothes that should probably be worn by guys half his age.

There is no accounting for the tastes of voters in some parts of the world. What do they see in this eccentric extrovert that makes them vote him in as their representative in a senatorial constituency? Whenever I hear him making public statements, I get the impression that he is more interested in his own comfort than that of the folks with modest means who voted him in.

To make matters more confusing, there always seems to be an undertone of suppressed violence and menace in the content of the video clips that I have seen. Is this reassuring to the people he represents?

I guess I’ve been away from Africa for too long to understand the psychology behind this sort of phenomenon. Maybe I need to take a course in social anthropology in an institution of higher learning, to bring myself up to speed