A creative life

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Back in the day, I was wary of following the conventional path toward building a body of creative work. The security of working in academia and making music in that context never felt like a desirable way of life for me. Perhaps this is because I sensed that a lot of art created in that context is somehow infused with the need to comply with the ongoing ethos of those circles. I didn’t feel I would truly find my own voice if I went that way.

Many years later, I found that my instincts were correct. Spending time in academic circles had its benefits, such as access to time and resources. There was something missing however. If one is preoccupied with describing the inner workings of things, perhaps the need to focus some energy and attention on that particular process can take away some vitality from creativity in its pure form.

Putting one’s creative energy at the top of one’s priorities can take its toll on other parts of a life. Some folks I’ve known along the way will never understand why I’ve made the choices that make me who I am today, but that’s alright because we should all have the right to choose.

There are other orthodox practices that I have flirted with through the years, on my way toward understanding myself and the tools I most like to work with. I like the fact that I’ve had those experiences and I have respect for those who have chosen to settle into grooves of any sort.

At the end of the day we can only aim to make the most of ourselves. Finding out who we are and really knowing it is probably the key to unlocking our highest potentials