A finger on the pulse

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A dear friend of mine passed away in an accident almost three decades ago. The last time I spoke to him on the phone, he said something to me about a gift he felt I had for swiftly putting my finger on the pulse of group dynamics in most situations. He said I could go into a room and know what was going on there, almost immediately. I don’t know whether these realisations come to me any quicker than they do to others, but I usually know what’s going on, in good time.

There have been times when I have been straight up front about what I sense, and in revealing what I know, people with less than honourable intentions have tended to shy away before they could be identified for having such motives. Another part of me is quite child like in responding to behaviour of this sort, being puzzled by the sudden change.

With experience, I have learnt to keep my observations to myself in a lot of situations. Nowadays, I sense things from what I perceive on social media platforms and I feel like I need to limit my personal engagement in that sort of communication.

People can be easily swayed by sensationalism. This tendency seems to be affecting important issues, such as the way governments are elected in democracies and the condoning of irresponsible behaviour from public figures. One can only hope there isn’t a major car crash event due to happen in the near future, based on the unregulated use of the energy in question.

There will be a time when some of us will look back at the current era and wonder, “What was going on in people’s heads? Couldn’t they see what was obvious?”