A little light out of the darkness

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Now that we have clearly arrived at a time of the year when there is a lot less light than darkness in the average day, it feels appropriate to pay tribute to the impact that natural light can have on a person’s outlook, or disposition.

Yesterday was not particularly great for sunlight. I was affected by a sense of personal loss, but I looked out at particular moments and the sun was shining enough to make a difference. It encouraged me to look on the bright side of things, such as reaching another point in my life that was worthy of celebrating.

The daylight was accompanied by many kind messages from folk who noticed this minor detail and together, those elements enabled me to get through the day with my spirits in a good place. It didn’t last for very long. Was yesterday the decisive moment in 2018 when the seasons changed in my part of the world? Who can tell? This morning certainly has the look of a different season to what I remember seeing over the weekend.

I heard accounts that it has snowed in New York in recent times. The person who mentioned this described snow as a form of purification. This made me think about the fact that I dislike the demands that snow on the streets and pavements makes on my ability to get around with ease. There were a few moments when I noticed hailstones falling in London yesterday and there is no doubt that the weather was wintery enough for me to really need to wear gloves as I waited for trains on open outdoor station platforms.

But the overall effect of these elements made me feel upbeat and optimistic. I feel ready to face new developments and to exert energies in ways that can usher in new discoveries. I am thankful for that time of the day when the sun chose to shine brightly and also for the encouragement sent by those who wished me well on my journey.