A mantra for acceptance

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I have learnt in recent times that acceptance is important for peace of mind. This doesn’t mean that a person shouldn’t have goals or aspirations. Being able to see one’s circumstances for what they truly are can be useful in making choices and decisions.

Is it pretentious to aim for ambitious achievements, or to aim to expand the boundaries of one’s inner life? Sometimes a person can feel pressure from associates to maintain a specific way of seeing or doing things, but he or she has the free will to move things along.

Someone suggested to me yesterday that some folks have mental health difficulties because their options in life are limited. There is no doubt that each of us has to deal with boundaries and restrictions in some areas. We can all control the way we perceive those limitations.

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and where we aim to go are products of our own imaginations. We are lucky to live in an era when so much information is available for free, if we make an effort to find what we want to know.

We can also decide what stories we want to tell. Doing the inner work is where it all begins.