A message from the weather

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As I look out to a cloudy sky today, it makes me reflect about the preoccupation with weather in the UK. When the sun shines and we have hot weather, there seems to be even more grumbling than there is when we are grounded due to the inability of our transport systems to cope with “the wrong kind of snow”.

There is no doubt that weather conditions can make a difference to a day’s proceedings. Groups of children are usually more biddable at times when they have the option of spending considerable amounts of time playing outdoors. We are all supposed to derive benefits from access to Vitamin D, which we can gain from sunlight, apparently.

There are many who struggle to understand when I tell them about autumn being my favourite season. It could have something to do with my birthday being around that time. There’s also the fact that I like dressing up and autumn is the time I feel I can dress up in the most balanced way.

I’ve heard from folks who live in coastal towns and cities who claim there isn’t much of a breeze this time around. After the freezing late winter we had, perhaps there are other thoughts that folks are wary of expressing openly.

What do these seemingly extreme swings of weather from hot to cold have to do with climate change and the damage our species is doing to the environment? This is a banal, but relevant question that needs to be addressed.