A new scheme of things

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Sounds, looks, textures, colours and other features add up to tell stories. Some folks can take it for granted that they fit into the scheme of a well known narrative. Others have to start telling hitherto unknown tales from scratch.

When the essence of a story is already understood across boundaries, communicators can focus on presenting personal details. Recent disruptions and other developments are opening up the eyes and ears of the global community to previously overlooked tales.

Established dream factories are becoming aware of the possibilities offered by source material that seemed to be off limits before. Small scale independents are also primed to seize the moment.

So, the world of symbols and stories suddenly feels more inclusive. There are bound to be folks who feel aggrieved about the way they were disregarded and excluded in the past.

But there again, maybe the expression of that feeling of having been treated unfairly can produce as much valuable content as anything else.