A personal mindset

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Is it possible to find a mindset that is applicable to folks of every heritage or background? In my opinion, there might be some values that are of universal relevance, but it is often useful to make allowances for variances in attitudes and approaches to making sense of life.

To function to the fullest of one’s potentiality, each individual usually needs to have a sense of bearings about his or her own values, boundaries, etc. Some of us take for granted that large numbers of people understand our terms of reference. The rest of us need to also make sense of ways in which our values might be understood.

For those of us on the margins of popular culture, the prevailing worldview can come across as banal and possibly even uninspiring. We either have to make efforts to be strategic in engaging with those who are part of the dominant way of seeing things whilst also expending energy on being ourselves, or after a while we decide to simply get on with speaking our truths.

Focusing on the matters that truly matter to us as individuals, we could decide to get rid of the excess baggage of accommodating other people’s needs and desires.

What happens when a person feels liberated in this way? Perhaps that’s the moment when the fireworks begin.