A person’s process

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Process is in some ways the essence of life. A person can set out on a journey from a specific location and already have all the attributes required for making the most of his or her life’s purpose. There might be others around at the time with access to more resources, or they could even be more talented, but as time elapses, they find they have something else to offer.

Some have the viewpoint that our journeys are defined mainly by free will and ability to capitalise on opportunities. We all make choices and decisions that make a difference regarding the pathways we travel on, but the aforementioned attributes have to be present in the first place, in order to show up at a later stage.

The scenic route might occasionally seem like a waste of time, but eventually we find that prolonged seeing of sights can contribute immeasurably to a person’s hinterland.

When the path leads back to the original location, the traveller is able to do his or her “thing” with gravitas.

So, there is a method to each person’s apparent “madness”. It’s all about nature running its course.