A sky god intervenes

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It felt like the sky was going to fall in. The London media was recently awash with headlines about the resounding electoral success of a political party that was formed for one single purpose – the UK leaving the European Union.

In a strange way, the political dynamics in Britain seemed to going in a similar direction to some of the odd occurrences in mainland Europe. Who can remember the Pim Fortuyn List of the Netherlands, for example?

A recent by election threatened to give the emerging single issue party its first local member of parliament. Thankfully, one of the established parties pulled out the stops to ensure that this tendency was nipped in the bud.

Are there unseen forces at play in finding a solution to the Brexit deadlock? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, one can only hope that the current crop of politicians will take responsibility for the mess they’ve created and that they shall endeavour to clean it up as soon as possible.