A space to tell my story

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It is likely that everyone has at least one story to tell. In some cases an individual might have many. He or she could also have a vivid imagination that could bring freshness to the telling of each anecdote. Abilities of this sort can transcend labels and category that human beings assign to each other.

Some might have more flair or wherewithal than others to keep their fellow humans engaged in an account of a sequence of events. There might be other issues to consider, such as access to resources that provide palettes with depth and breadth, to make the most of such activities when they happen.  At the heart of the matter however, there is an urge to communicate and the willingness to keep on doing the work.

Institutions and edifices are set up, to preserve the myths, legends and fables of some cultures. The initiators of those organisations recognised the importance of narratives in maintaining values and beliefs within the cultures they belong to. Globalisation and migration have affected the dynamics within many societies. When demographics change, should the cultural monoliths adjust accordingly?

Maybe it’s time for new initiatives, with contemporary visions of the world we live in, to get started. Some of us will gain access to the old school institutions. We might even get a welcome reception and easy passage in some cases, but there is a need for updated terms of engagement.

The road to a new status quo could be rough, but making the journey will be worth the effort.