A stunning and brave opinion

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Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. In an ideal world, we should all feel free to express our views in public. Terminology used to describe aspects of human behaviour can also be negotiated.

If most of us are in agreement that we share some traits in common as human beings, then it also makes sense that those in that category should have the wherewithal to understand some feelings and emotions that our fellow beings might experience. This notion is comparable to the use of primary colours in broad brush strokes on a piece of canvas.

Do human beings do everything the same way? Do we live our lives with identical values, belief systems or worldviews? If the answers to these questions are “no”, or “maybe”, then perhaps we all need to cut ourselves some slack in discussions about equal rights and inclusivity.

An actor is usually someone who lives his or her life, aiming to use skills and talents to present aspects of the human condition. Is it possible that some actors might have the imagination, flair and expressive ranges to create and present believable characters of every background and heritage? I haven’t seen anyone with such encyclopaedic gifts, but there might be some folks like that in the world.

To understand another person’s experiences on a surface or intellectual level is not the same as knowing exactly what he or she is feeling. Quips and sound bites on television or radio programmes can score points, but the truth of the matter remains buried when people are not prepared to listen to each other with humility.

First published on www.juwonogungbe.com on the 20th of January 2020