Action and reflection

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I am a strong advocate for reflective thinking. It helps to be clear about one’s aims and objectives before plunging into action in situations. I also believe in the power of action, however. Sometimes I feel stuck in conversations where people are continuously expressing thoughts and ideas without doing very much to make them happen.

I learnt as a music student about the value of committing to ongoing involvement in process. All sorts of products and outcomes can emerge along the way, but there still needs to be an acceptance that there is a journey to travel on.

Sometimes it is helpful to create moments to pause for reflection whilst embarking on one’s journey. If those moments are given the full attention and concentration that they deserve, then perhaps they can inform the choices that the traveller makes in moving forward,

Looking at things from this sort of perspective also enables people to consider issues such as the quality of life experienced whilst one is involved in a process. Perhaps it makes sense to maintain a healthy balance between being, doing and reflecting, as a matter of course.

What I would like to avoid personally is inertia, as a result of being an armchair critic.