Action for the Union

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Window dressing and optics are being taken care of. On a very simple level, the planners have found ways to momentarily neutralise the arguments against their course of action. Do they have any time for gloating? Probably not, as they are too busy making sure they achieve their desired outcome.

Keen observers have noted the presence of enforcers who may or may not have slightly unhinged agendas. These hatchet people are not interested in reassuring anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Close proximity to such folks is not for the fainthearted, as has already been confirmed from several reports.

Meanwhile, the circus ringmaster is having fun, doling out vignettes borrowed from old comics. How are the acts that have been sidelined in the programme dealing with this state of affairs? Only time will tell.

The competition is in disarray. Is it time for a whole new configuration on the landscape? Or are there any contenders with the wherewithal to shake things up and re-energise the sector?

Perhaps we shall have to wait until we feel the impact of the changes that are being railroaded through. I’m hanging on in the rollercoaster….