Africa, our Africa

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When I think of the way I relate to Africa nowadays, a saying immediately comes to mind – the horse has bolted. I want the very best for my continent of origin and people that live there. Sometimes I wish I could share the optimism and enthusiasm that I come across in reading interviews with third and fourth generation British Africans in the media, about the good times to be had in Lagos or Abuja, for example.

Some of the aforementioned young adults have decided to relocate to African nations, to become part of the future in those societies. This is laudable and promising for all concerned. However, I am realistic about my dreams and goals. I don’t think I could retrace my steps to regard a life based mainly in Africa as a viable future for myself. The horse has been out of the stable for too long.

Africa’s energy is unique. Whenever I return to London from an African country, I feel like something intangible is missing, for at least a month afterwards. That energy can make a difference to the way I function and I always look forward to recharging my batteries when I visit.

I like to think I can be most useful to my fellow Africans as an ambassador of sorts. Perhaps I can help in making connections and interpreting aspects of some African ways of thinking to the world at large.

There is also work to be done in building bridges and understanding amongst the diverse ethnic groups to be found in Africa itself. I guess this horse feels comfortable doing things like that.