Aiming for fairness

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What do human beings need to do to ensure that fairness as a practice is absorbed into cultures around the world?

The way each person sees things is often influenced by the lessons he or she learns from role models in all areas of life. It has often been said that babies are not born with prejudiced mindsets. Yet children grow up to become adults who hold views that do not always have the best interests of our entire species at heart.

We can also learn from the deeds of our forebears, for better or worse. The dominant narrative in the history of humans has been told from a limited perspective. Is it unfair that people of marginalised cultures are asking for the information to be reassessed?

Cross cultural interaction through the ages has brought us to a stage where several labels of identity are being critiqued. It isn’t possible to go back in time, so we should aim to make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in, today.

Personal experiences will always affect our view points. If we can listen to each other and learn from what we hear, maybe we’ll negotiate fairer ways to live together.