All change, please!

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I’m guessing that there are some folks who are very happy with their lives and wouldn’t want to change a thing. Many others express dissatisfaction with the breaks they have, which could be based on the heritages they were born into. Sometimes, a highly prosperous community can stumble into a phase that feels disagreeable to a considerable proportion of its citizens. Change is an energy that eventually touches each of us in one shape or form.

Perhaps due to the fact that I have spent most of my life using my imagination to make things, I am well practised at what some people might describe as “blue skies thinking”. The willingness to allow one’s mind to explore a wide range of possibilities is not incompatible with being practical, or having the wherewithal to apply knowledge to problem solving.

A friend sent me a video clip that compared each person’s life journey to a travelling on a train, with people getting on and off at various stations. Sometimes a person could end up sitting next to any of us in a train cabin and striking up a conversation that enables useful information to be shared. We don’t usually know how long these encounters are going to last for.

In other situations, we can share such a compartment with fellow travellers, who get off at one location, only to return at a later stage after having been through a set of experiences that are unfamiliar to us. We might recognise those wayfarers as people we share things in common with, but it helps to be mindful of the wider context of how we know each other.

At the heart of our connections with others are the various ways that we deal with change. Negotiation and consensus building require concentration and effort.  Achieving aims of this sort is not as wishy washy as some would like to think it is.