Always on my mind

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When a person comes to mind nowadays, I have learnt to prepare myself for some news, for better or worse. Sometimes I wonder whether or not I’ve always had this gift. It certainly seems to be more acute at present.

There again, it always helps to get rid of things that clutter one’s thoughts. The more one can focus on here and now, it feels like one can receive useful insights that can make all the difference in moving forward.

Aspiring to make the most of one’s self is a fine motivation. Being able to see through all the thickets of weeds, obstacles and other encumbrances to have a clear vision of what “the most” is, requires some discipline.

Having wayward experiences in life is neither wrong, nor right. Broad awareness of aspects of the human condition can only help individuals to improve their life skills.

But keeping one’s mind in the present moment is where the real treasure lies, in my experience.