An athlete competes

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When a track athlete goes out to compete, he or she is placed in a lane in order to take part in a race. If she veers outside of the boundaries provided, she hasn’t done her job properly.

The lines of the lane could appear to be restrictive, or confining, but the athlete usually accepts that he has signed up to accept the rules.

In preparation, some athletes try to gain advantage over their fellow competitors through the use of performance enhancing stimulants. Some of them manage to get away with gambits of this nature and are regarded as winners. In other cases, an athlete is caught in a test, or the stimulants eventually take their toll on his or her body.

It is understandable that athletes sometimes look for ways to cut corners, since they are involved in a young person’s game. The number of years they have to make the most of their skills and talents are limited and dependent on physical energy and agility.

Everyone else has a life path, but we have many more options than athletes in their competitive careers. It shouldn’t matter that anyone else appears to be a winner at any specific point in time.