An eccentric overview

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Is there anyone maintaining an overview on what’s going on? Time stands still for no one. I can see a conveyor belt with people getting on, moving forward with no clear sense of direction.

Thinking and doing the same things as everyone else could be regarded as a reasonable course of action. There is a sense of some people wanting to consider the pros and cons of matters such as morals and probity, but in many cases, they also accept conditioning from specific sources.

In some cultures, those folks who take time out to consider the undercurrents of group dynamics are recognised for who and what they are – potential influencers. In others they are derided and dismissed as eccentrics who need to be quarantined and given treatment, for their own safety.

In the wider scheme of things however, those cultures that actually provide space for thought leaders to share their views for the benefit of all usually have the upper hand in way that things roll.

We can choose to be marionettes or string pullers, but there is always a price to be paid. Social acceptance is one option, but the possibility of being regarded as a heretic or turncoat is another.