An uplifting side of the disruption

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Thanks to social media apps, it is possible to get a globally diverse sense of the spreading impact of the pandemic of the moment. For those yet to experience the full weight of disruption, the near future might appear to be bleak. Perhaps they haven’t been informed about some uplifting aspects of what we’re going through.

It has been reported that the Ozone layer is repairing itself.  There are fewer noxious emissions into the air. If we listen more to our scientists, we can use this reflective time to consider ways of modifying our lifestyles.

As a child I used to find it upsetting to see vehicles carrying caged hens and chicken from one place to another. It never occurred to me to think about the connection between those harrowing images and the chicken on my dinner plate.

I still enjoy eating meals that include animal protein. Will I become a vegetarian or vegan as a result of the current crisis? I’m not sure.

Now is as good a time as any, for all of us to take more of an interest in the sector that sells us these products, however. What can they do collectively, to make the world healthier for all living beings?