Anarchy in the polity

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From the viewpoint of a layman, the world of politics comes across as a parallel universe nowadays. Anyone who followed the sequence of events in the recent Nigerian elections could be forgiven for thinking they were witnessing the collapse of a nation into outright anarchy. Opposing camps did their utmost to compromise the neutrality and impartiality of those regarded as umpires and it appeared as if some legal experts had invested considerable amounts of time and energy in dreaming up ways to tinker with the boundaries set by the nation’s constitution.

Some would say this malaise is a result of Nigeria’s uneasy relationship with democratic practice, but there are similar things happening at present in the mother of all parliaments at Westminster, where the politicians are struggling to find a way to stop the United Kingdom from grievously harming itself as a result of the 2016 EU Referendum.

Meanwhile, across the pond in the USA, the Mueller report is another source of concern, as politicians play a tense game of cat and mouse with each other.

Time doesn’t stand still, as new developments come thick and fast, like a speed train hurtling towards an unspecified destination.

There is a well worn cliché often expressed, that truth is stranger than fiction. Can anyone see light at the end of the tunnel?