Anyone for dodgem cars?

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Venturing out to engage with fellow humans after the lockdown is turning out to be similar to going on a dodgem cars ride – it is all too easy to find yourself having to tiptoe gingerly around complex issues.

Being compassionate is good for the soul. There’s a deepening of insight into the whys and wherefores of behaviour. Everyone has the power to decide where to focus attention, however.

Travelling in our own lanes, we learn things that matter to us. When we come into contact with others who have different priorities, sometimes it is difficult to understand how any sentient being could reach a certain age, having not learnt particular lessons.

Youngsters of today who happen to be growing up in prosperous countries are lucky enough to be monitored by professionals who identify any needs at an early age.  Many adults were not privileged in this way.

And so, the game of dodgem cars continues.