Appearances and the soul

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Are a person’s eyes truly a window into his or her soul? How do dietary habits affect a person’s overall disposition? Having seen some interesting clips on You Tube, featuring a face reader’s observations about the way that people seem to morph from being one type of personality to another, perhaps diet and exercise can have more impact on a person’s place in the world than one might imagine on a superficial level.

Recently I have looked at the photos in my passports through the years. I had an odd experience when I travelled on Eurostar to Brussels a year ago, because I have changed my diet and exercise routine considerably in recent years. At the passport control desk, the officer said I didn’t look like the person in the photo in my passport. I explained to her that I had lost a lot of weight.

Photos I took last weekend look more like the person in my very first passport. Does this mean I am regaining some of the character traits I had as a teenager? I’m not sure, but I know that my social life and outlook seem to be going through a major rebooting at present.

What does this mean for people who “get work done”?  They probably have a complicated raft of issues to contend with.

Those African villagers in hard to reach parts of the continent who are reputed to believe that cameras “steal a part of their souls” might actually be on to something