Approach with care

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It takes all sorts to make the world. Local or global forms of stimuli inspire us in our variegated outlooks. One approach is as valid as the other. In some cases people combine these ways of seeing things and they also offer valuable insights to everyone.

The nursery rhyme This Little Pig presents some important facts in a very simple way. Why should anyone be blamed or shamed for wanting to see or hear the human condition expressed from a variety of cultural perspectives?

People move away from the communities where they were born and raised for many reasons. Those who stay close to their roots enjoy the benefits of having stable support systems and networks. Inevitably there will be differences of opinion when minds meet to share experiences or solve problems after paths have diverged. Are there any options when those situations occur, other than to negotiate?

Personal choices and decisions are another matter entirely. Boundaries should be observed and respected when they are outlined.

Paradigms have shifted considerably over the last few decades and they are constantly evolving. I will tiptoe softly around another person’s sensibilities, but I’ll also maintain personal integrity.