As a matter of fact ….

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It is a well known fact that Africa was occupied by European nations and carved up into colonised territory nations in the late 19th Century.

Folks of Caucasian heritages who didn’t go to fee paying schools and top tier universities in the UK or France might not be aware of the reasons why our histories are intertwined, leading to the current situation with lines blurring between race, upbringing and nationality.

Does the National Curriculum’s History syllabus cover this narrative in enough detail?

Even if the information is easily accessible to everyone, the stories are mainly told from a colonialist’s perspective.

Works of literature by the first generation of African authors, scholars and historians from the 20th Century should be included in the syllabi, to redress the balance. Museum Curators should also contribute more information to the curriculum, to enlighten those who know little about these events.