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Most arts professionals are aware of the need to maintain a steady and engaging online presence. Folks from other walks of life probably feel compelled to do something similar. We all need to draw attention from relevant sectors of society, to maintain equilibrium in our fields of endeavour.

When the going is good, we are able to function efficiently without stepping on anyone’s toes, but it is difficult to assess the impact of our efforts in current times.

Stories are constantly being told about folks who are skilled at gaining attention from others, only to discover that they also have to endure paying dearly on the downside for the scrutiny that they receive.

Do we need to be gladiators in order to sell our wares nowadays? Competition and rivalry for custom is probably as old as the hills, but it seems like there are issues to contend with that are new by products of the platforms and outlets of today.

Who are the casualties of these recent developments? Nobody springs to mind immediately, but there is a growing feeling that matters might get out of hand before people will step back to think about balanced ways of handling the tools at our disposal.

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