Aspects of being together

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We engage with each other, share jokes and reminisce about old times, thinking we will be together at some point. This often happens in associations that have lasted for decades.

The immediacy of instant messaging makes us feel like we know what’s going on in the lives of people we know. Is this actually true?

Socio-political events come and go. Opinions are expressed. Some of us get emotionally involved in the ‘us versus them’ jousting, while others take a more detached viewpoint, possibly being conscious of the fact that long lasting relationships deserve to be treated with care.

When a person takes a break, it is often assumed that he or she simply wants some time out. If there are serious issues to contend with, it is only fair that each of us can have privacy when we need it.

Then the news comes. We lose a part of ourselves. A chain is as strong as its weakest link is a saying we were taught in civics as youngsters. All we can do is hope for a reunion at some point, in some place.