Aspects of experience

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Notions and expectations about what people can expect to experience in their lives have changed considerably in a short amount of time, mainly due to the access many of us have to information, health care and other things.

On a superficial level, it is often suggested that the current rate of change is a good thing. The human race appears to be making progress, after all.

Behind the scenes, many of us want to cling to the ways that make us feel comfortable, for various reasons. Accelerated change can make some folks feel as if time is passing them by, so they dig in their heels, aiming to maintain the status quo.

Sadly, this process is often conflated with attitudes towards ageing. A person’s age has little to do with his or her ability to cope with changing attitudes or methods.

From another point of view, those who want to see changes introduced at a faster pace ought to be engaged with on those terms. Deep thinking and wisdom can be found in folks of a wide range of ages.