Aspiration and enablers

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Paying credit where it is due can be a demonstration of humility and generosity. Wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve can also function as a sign of endearing vulnerability. Most human beings have aspirations and it is often interesting to find out an individual’s personal methodology for reaching his or her desired destination.

When stories are told, whether they are of moving from rags to riches, obscurity to fame, or anything similar, it is useful to think of the context in which the tales are told.

Even folks who are born with silver spoons in their mouths need to go through a process of being mentored and taught the ropes of how to function in the world. Mentors and teachers deserve to be name checked whenever possible.

There are moments however, when the natural inclination to pay tribute to one’s heroes and mentors can get mixed up with notions of a person struggling to make sense of being conditioned into displaying symptoms of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Human beings of all races, creeds and backgrounds are likely to derive benefit from hearing and witnessing as many personal narratives as possible that tell of dignity and self belief from folks of diverse heritages in our world.