Back at the end of the pier

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With a seasoned end of the pier act keeping the crowds distracted, power hungry shadowy figures are taking control of the destinies of millions. These folks understand the significance of optics and presentation. It doesn’t matter that some opponents can see what they’re doing. They’ve already worked out a powerful narrative that will take a considerable amount of time to demystify for “civilians”.

Those who have been picked to function as window dressing in this charade are being pilloried in some quarters for selling their souls. Vanity shouldn’t be underestimated as an impetus for any sort of human behaviour.

Lip service can be paid to the notions of “investigating Islamophobia” or “dealing with Anti-Semitism”, but the fact remains that the dominant mindset functioning behind the scenes is probably no different to the prevailing attitude of a hundred years ago.

Who is fooling who? Reading through the arguments posited on social media by those whose emotions are triggered by the idea of sharing space and resources with folks who might be different to them, it is obvious that we’re currently involved in a chess game with high stakes.

What does this mean for the “others”? How does one strip away decades of conditioning to see the world as it truly is?