Bathing in the sun

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Returning to a recurring theme, I’ve never understood the need for a person with dark skin to sun bathe. Someone told me that exposure to the sun’s rays gives dark skin a special glow, which is true, but perhaps I take such things for granted because I have lived in places where there hot weather is the norm.

When I returned to London from Australia many years ago, people commented on the impact of being in the sun for a long time had on my skin, but I didn’t get that glow through laying or sitting in the sun. It simply happened because I was in that climate and I was kissed by the sun as I went on my business.

I do understand that we all want to enjoy the sunshine in places where we can’t always expect to have uplifting weather. Going to the seaside and sitting on a beach is perfectly fine in small doses as well.

But sometimes, I wonder about the mindset at work (or play) when a black person feels inclined towards mimicking the behaviour of folks with lighter skin tones. What does it say about such a person’s self image in a deeper sense?

Is there a fundamental issue here that needs to be addressed?