Behind the mystique

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The power of mystique has been used through the ages to maintain the status quo in many facets of life. Human beings have chosen to rate certain attributes at the top of the range of possibilities and many of us have been conditioned into accepting a hierarchy or pecking order.

Many of us set out on personal journeys, hoping to experience things that we attach value to. Class is a construct that we have created, to give ourselves some terms of reference for measuring our social standing. Notions of social ranking and mobility only matter as much as each individual wants them to.

Some of us are born with access to silver spoons, while others live from hand to mouth. Social mobility was tightly controlled for longer than any of us can remember. Access to information via modern technology is shaking things up, to make many of us realise that in actual fact, the grass is not greener on the other side, but when we look within.

Those of us who are brave enough to venture outside of the psychological boundaries that we set for ourselves sometimes have to bear the brunt of dealing with the discomfort of observers who want to protect the sanctity of their comfort zones.

When those observers express their disapproval in some situations, it could be helpful to examine the roots of the issues that trigger their outbursts. Could it possibly be a fear of others finding out that the emperor and his entourage are wearing no clothes?