Being productive

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Thanks to the motivational speaker and trainer who suggests that it is best to become a member of the 5 am Club, I found myself dealing with the consequences of pushing one’s body too hard, last autumn. The idea is that if anyone cultivates the habit of waking up regularly at 5 am and follows a set routine of habits, one becomes more productive and eventually achieves feats that are beyond the scope of others who wake up later in the morning.

The habit is to be maintained consistently for at least 66 days to become ingrained into a person’s biorhythms. The trainer quoted statistics, apparently collated from the work of academicians based in reputable institutions, to back up his claims. I followed all the instructions and I can testify that one can cram more activities into a single day from following such a routine than if one chose to be more random in sleeping habits.

I was pleased with my output at the time, but after a while, my body started giving signals that it wouldn’t cope with the strain. My voice gave up the ghost at an inconvenient moment, since I needed it for singing, speaking, coaching and various other activities. Other parts of my body joined in the rebellion as well.

These developments had a knock on effect that I’m still dealing with, almost a year later. Basically, I’ve come to terms with a fact that I was aware of all the time – I am not a machine.

In any case, some of us are naturally inclined towards not following routines. I believe that I function at my best when I have some variety in my sleeping and waking up patterns. Others see things differently and that is perfectly fine.