Being self sufficient

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We can only be ourselves. Skilful performers can portray characters by drawing from inner reserves to present traits from within themselves. On many occasions, being who we are can get in the way of exciting possibilities. Sometimes those restrictions are imposed by our fellow humans and at other times we create our own obstacles.

When a person has the wherewithal to take risks and put his or herself on the line to suggest new ways of seeing the world, there are many who can’t bear to witness such heroic behaviour. The risk taker can receive more attention than others. Those who don’t know what they want or need are likely to react with passive aggressive acts. Others can draw inspiration from those who dare to be different.

It is worth bearing in mind however, that many of us can be much more adventurous in our lifestyle choices than we imagine. So much power is given to the myth makers and storytellers, while we stand on the sidelines, observing.

Human beings are brought up to regard stories as guidelines for the way we value things. This is useful in many ways, because we wouldn’t have any codes of conduct if we didn’t have them. Are we taught to look within ourselves to find the unique gifts we have to offer? Perhaps those who are encouraged to do so are more privileged than others.

We can still learn from each other however, regardless of where we’ve been or where we’re heading.