Best practice in politics

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A demigod of left wing politics once spoke of his arch adversary in respectful terms in an interview. He said something about the best politicians having the attributes of teachers and said his opponent was a great teacher, even if he strongly disagreed with her views.

They both lived and worked in an era when there were more heavyweight political figures on the global stage. It has been suggested that those times were crude and that the world needs technocrats who are light on their feet nowadays.

Democratic politics gives individual voters a chance to make choices and decisions, based on policies that are formulated and offered in manifestoes. The ideas still need to be explained clearly and responsibly, regardless of any societal changes.

When politicians choose to ignore basic values such as fairness, tolerance of difference and respect for everyone as they press on with their agendas, why should observers regard them as refined or exemplary?

For better or worse, voters place their trust in politicians, that they will maintain an overview on the well being, development and growth of the polity. Are we expecting too much if we ask them to be scrupulous?