Box of paradoxes

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I was involved in a conversation with some fellow artists not so long ago, where someone felt it would be inappropriate to have a moment of hilarity within the context of a poignant reconciliatory scene. I disagreed with that notion, because I believe that life is full of paradoxes and absurdities that can emerge when we least expect them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the value of creative learning in all of our lives.

At a funeral many years ago, the hearse arrived at the Church later than its scheduled time and several of the recently deceased person’s friends ruefully reflected on how consistent this was with his tendency to be late for appointments when he was on the earth plane. This is the way things can roll sometimes.

Whether we’re blending hues, textures and timbres in visual, aural or other forms, it is possibly a sign of maturity when we can accept that the world we live in doesn’t present itself in monochrome or just primary colours.

Do we need to know what the essential building blocks are? Yes, of course, but after that, we all have opportunities to appreciate the complexity of being alive, in an infinite number of permutations.

Having flair for encapsulating ideas with simplicity is a marvellous gift, but it shouldn’t be mixed up with having a simplistic view of things.