Breaking the mould

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It is interesting to discover recurring patterns of behaviour in one’s life and to make decisions to break a cycle. Creative voices develop in many different ways and some people have the character traits of trailblazers, or folks who break the mould. At the most unexpected moments, innovative ideas and solutions to problems are found. When the mould breaker arrives at such a moment, it can feel like he or she is confronted by a huge risk or challenge, because there is always the possibility that a daring act could fall flat, leaving the risk taker in a vulnerable, exposed state.

Arriving at a point on a journey where one either takes a leap forward or retreats into silence and inertia gives an edgy feeling. Perhaps this is due to an unspoken fear of rejection. If there wasn’t a new mountain to climb or frontier to explore, why would there be a feeling of psychological tension?

On the surface, there won’t appear to be anything challenging to deal with. Moments of this sort are usually experienced on a personal level. They don’t make a lot of sense when explained in detail to anyone else.

Summoning up the courage to bite the bullet and take action requires a unique form of energy and will. With no one behind the person to push or encourage, it can feel very lonely.

Yet, moments like this are the ones that make a difference in the making of startling, magical discoveries. One has to press on with breaking the habits, to take the risks.


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