Breaks and process

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Some folks believe in karma. Others think this concept emerged because of the prevailing values in particular cultures. Whether karma exists or not, there is no doubt that each person has to deal with the breaks he, she or they get in life and find ways to make the most of them, thereafter.

Going through such a process is likely to teach lessons, develop muscles and coping mechanisms. Consciously or unconsciously, we keep on moving.

There are times when things fall into place and a person sees the journey for what it really is. Why did they make certain choices or decisions? What was driving their behavioural patterns for so long?

Then they also realise that there are more choices to be made. Somehow they have to make sense of the journey up to that point and be conscious about steps to be taken in the present and the future.

Research, science and formulas, can only help up to a point. We all have to take risks at the end of the day.