Bring something

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“What did you bring for me?” This question is deeply ingrained in the mindsets of folks from some cultures. “Ours is a giving culture” is a retort that is often bandied in conversations about the dodgy behaviour of those who subscribe to this form of interaction.

A mother sets off for the shops or market. Her offspring ask her to buy them treats. There is nothing unusual about that. Perhaps due to the fact that some people feel comfortable living with hardly any boundaries, this inclination seeps into other parts of life.

Generosity is a positive trait that should be encouraged in all of us. A sense of entitlement on the other hand, can be deeply unattractive. Some of us can be regarded as “haves” and others as “have nots”. In an ideal world, everyone would have easy access to the basic needs of life. Sadly, this is not the case for many human beings.

When connections are formed on social media platforms nowadays, one has to be mindful about not being softened up for demands of this nature. It’s a pity that trustworthiness is such a scarce virtue in current times.

Those who don’t have material resources can still offer kindness and generosity of spirit to others. All they need to do is to consciously incorporate this way of dealing with others into their everyday actions.