British summers and outdoor shows

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Those of us who have a vested interest in keeping a wide variety of performing traditions alive tend to nurse high hopes for reliable sunshine in British summers. When the sun comes out on a regular basis, we can plan to present outdoor performances in suitably picturesque spaces.

A project I once worked on was initially presented in Greenwich on the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College (near Cutty Sark), where we had fine weather. We also had an opportunity to perform our work in Trafalgar Square – something we all looked forward to.

On the morning of the Trafalgar Square event, the weather turned ugly, (as in raining cats and dogs). With the show hanging in the balance, suddenly the sun started shining again. By the time we were scheduled to perform, the Square had dried up, leaving no trace of the earlier downpour.

The Trafalgar Square fountains were closed down and we performed our show under a bright sunny sky.

Our show included tributes to several Yoruba and Kalabari deities whom I like to think conspired in a divine intervention to save the day for us.