Brixton changes

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Going to Brixton last week was a bit of an eye opener for me. Gone are the days when I would regularly cross the River Thames to South London to see friends or attend events. On the surface, Brixton looks the same as it ever was, especially near the town hall. I’ve been told that a new municipal building is being erected on the same grounds, by the council. I can’t say I noticed it, however.

The market feels very different. The part of it that sprawls onto Electric Avenue comes across almost like Columbia Road Flower Market now. I didn’t check out the prices of the fruit and vegetables, which used to be cheaper than anything we could find in North London. I sense that this feature might have also changed.

I found myself in a fancy boutique indoor market, similar to Shoreditch’s Box Park. At this point in time, I realised that Brixton is turning into Shoreditch’s sister district, south of the river. Stumbling across a music technology training centre within the complex, I wasn’t surprised to be told by a local resident that Harry and Meghan had recently visited the space.

Is Designer Brixton a good idea? I guess we should be upbeat about moving with the times. Things shouldn’t remain the same forever. Brixton is probably a safer place for all its residents than it was even ten years ago. This can only be a good thing.

I wonder what is happening to the folks who have lived all their lives in the neighbourhood. Are they enjoying the changes? Is Brixton still affordable for those who made it globally famous?