Can you see the signposts?

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Patterns or life cycles that have been formed over long periods of time are helpful signposts for some folks, but obviously not everyone.

Similar thoughts apply to culture, subcultures, heritages and traditions. It is useful to know what they are, otherwise we don’t know how to relate to each other from place to place, but no one is under any obligations to follow them.

Those who choose to stand outside of social mores and codes are sometimes berated for daring to be different. Others find themselves in moments and places where they are regarded as outlandish by fellow human beings who conform to norms.

Why do these issues matter to anyone? Is it because we all want to be seen and heard?

Nowadays, each individual is able to step onto his, her or their personal soapbox, via having a social media account. Perhaps there is something random about the amount of attention one person gets as opposed to another, but it is up to each of us to face what’s going on in the lane where we find ourselves.