Chasing undefined dreams

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As young adults, we gathered together and occasionally joined forces, aiming to make our dreams come true. Was there ever a moment when those dreams were outwardly expressed? It is possible that some might remember doing so, but I am not one of them.

Joining forces meant sharing time and energies in rehearsal rooms, vans, performing venues and accommodation away from home, sometimes. Did we really get to know each other beyond surface appearances? This is unlikely.

Due to the fact that many of us were of African heritage, there were assumptions that we shared similar values. Some might have even thought that our life experiences before reaching that point were identical. Was this due to the fact that we were struggling to find outlets to express our ideas and creativity in an insular culture? This could be true.

Those shared moments in our early adult years were only a phase. Our personal back stories were bound to have some influence on choices we would make, further down the line.

In the present moment, some of us are puzzled when we look at our contemporaries. We see them doing things we didn’t think they were capable of. The bottom line is that we never really knew each other. We were simply crossing paths at a particular point on our personal journeys.