Colours and choice

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“You’re dressed for spring!”, someone said to me recently. This is because I chose to wear a brightly coloured water proof overcoat, to keep dry as well as warm in the unpredictable February weather. Then she noticed the green hoodie I was wearing under the coat and spoke about earthiness and the other feelings the colours evoked for her. I was simply dressed up to brighten my own spirits, since it is easy to get weighed down by the sombre atmosphere of mid-winter.

My plan seems to be working, since I am experiencing this winter as a tolerable season to get through. Another angle I have chosen to take is to avoid getting involved in intense political debates and focusing instead on creating new work.

Over the last few years, it has been disappointing to note that some of the high street clothing stores that used to stock menswear in bright colours have succumbed to the inclinations of most men in my neck of the woods, opting to stock things in darker and morose tones.

It is understandable that the bottom line is the number of items that can be sold, but perhaps allowances should be made for those of us with more outré tastes.

Perhaps the look of things will brighten in the shops as the weather gets warmer and lighter. Fingers crossed for that.