Communication from every station

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Is it good practice to take breaks from being tuned in to the communication outlets? Obviously it makes sense to keep up with what’s going on in the world, but nowadays there is such an incessant oversaturation of information being pumped out, it probably is a good idea to withdraw whenever possible, allowing the energies to reach those who are willing to receive them.

There was a time when I unsubscribed from a considerably large number of email sources. It’s a marvel that anyone can send an email that gets opened, read and responded to nowadays, considering the excessive number of emails I receive that were sent by people I don’t know or have anything to do with.

The same thing happens on WhatsApp. I spend time every day removing video clips and photos that take up too much memory space on my mobile phone. Who knows what might happen to people who don’t find ways to filter through the information they receive, sometimes on a minute by minute basis?

Is there such a thing as being hooked on social media? If so, are there effective ways of weaning oneself off the habit? I find that some platforms are less interesting to me than before and I only log in for short spurts of engagement.

I also sense that the mental energy used to take the information in could possibly contribute to mental burnout, but my way of dealing with this issue is still a work in progress.