Competitive restraint

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In some cultures, being openly competitive and assertive is regarded as the norm. Other cultures place more value on restraint and finding ways to express needs and wants in ways that are less overt.

It is interesting to observe what happens when a person who communicates in a restrained way spends a long time in a more assertive location and absorbs a different approach to dealing with others. Hybridised communicative skill sets have the potential for stirring things up.

The geezer becomes a huckster and starts letting things hang out that were previously personal. His original social circle is disconcerted by the changes, but perhaps spaces ought to be allocated for such developments. We can all reinvent ourselves, if we choose to.

Taking on the huckster mindset is simply being clear about spatial awareness and boundaries. Why should magpies get away with filching ideas that others invest time and energy in producing?

Within the limits of law, it is alright to draw inspiration from other sources. It is sometimes tricky to identify the borderline between complimentary imitation and outright plagiarism. Is it possible that the huckster mindset might prevail across borders in the future?