Connected at any cost

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On our personal paths, the sights we see can make a wide variety of impressions on each of us. Most of us enjoy the feeling of being connected that comes as a result of being present at gatherings of one sort or another. One of the great things about getting long in the tooth is having enough experience to know what one is likely to find stimulating.

Every now and again, it is useful to revisit spaces and places that might not have been of much interest, even if it is simply to confirm what we know about ourselves.

Attention and time are precious resources. When people complain about “ghosting” or similar types of human interaction, are they missing important points about sensible ways of expending energy?

On the other side of the coin, could it be possible that aspirations to gain access to worlds that appear to be privileged are in many cases based on superficial and illusory notions?

It feels like we are living in times when everyone can come to terms with seeing themselves as being enough. How can the word be spread about this?