Consciousness spins

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Our planet rotates and spins, but land masses, oceans, skies and other features remain intact, most of the time. How do our values and mindsets nestle within the constant motion? Sometimes, images of washing machines or tumble dryers spring to mind, with garments showing up at different moments.

Displacement has happened to large numbers of people through centuries. We settle in far flung locations and keep with us some of the values learnt from the places where our journeys began. As time elapses, it is likely that some attitudes will change, in the process of adapting to other settings.

Thanks to gadgets and gizmos, we can stay in intimate contact with those who remained in the starting places. Ways of being and doing are not standing still for them. Somehow, we do our utmost to negotiate effectively through these cross currents of cultural dynamism.

There are moments when we lose patience (on all sides). No one is truly maintaining an overview on change as it is experienced by each person.

Each of us can choose methods or approaches for dealing with this. The activity is only gathering more momentum and pace.